Funeral insurance

Compare all funeral insurance policies in the Netherlands. See which Dutch funeral insurance suits your cremation or burial best and save on the premium.


Premiums shown are calculated with the date of birth:
15-02-1997 (27 years)


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Customer rating
Reflection time
30 days
Insured amount
€ 9.000
Service package € 2.500 & € 6.500 to spend freely
Children up to 18 years co-insured for free
Complete funeral according to your personal wishes
€ 6
per month
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Customer rating
Reflection time
30 days
Insured amount
€ 9.000
Service package € 7.200 & € 1.800 to spend freely
A lower premium for your children up to the age of 25
Survivor care: practical, financial, legal and administrative assistance for your relatives
€ 7
per month
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Customer rating
Reflection time
30 days
Insured amount
€ 9.000
Free to spend € 9.000
Children up to 21 years co-insured for free
Payment in money, complete freedom of choice
€ 10
per month
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This comparison is not financial advice, you are responsible for your choices.

Why compare funeral insurance policies?

  • 70% of the Dutch have funeral insurance.
  • Most insurers give you a 30-day cooling-off period.
  • The total amount that you pay in premium is ultimately less than if you save yourself.
  • Funeral insurance is unique among insurance policies, as it is guaranteed to pay out in the event of death. So you never pay premium for nothing.

Compare Funeral Insurance FAQs

What is a funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance, also known as cremation insurance, is an insurance policy that pays out a sum of money and/or services in the event of the insured's death. Your next of kin do not have to pay for your funeral.

Can I still adjust my insurance after taking out?

Not sure yet how you want to design your funeral? No problem. With most insurers, you can always continue to adjust your funeral insurance to your wishes. This is possible at no extra cost.

How much should I insure?

Funeral expenses are not cheap. On average, a funeral currently costs € 9000. It is therefore advisable to insure yourself for this amount.

Is a funeral insurance policy of value?

Funeral insurance has a fixed value if you have indexation of the insurance on. The insured amount increases with the funeral costs in the Netherlands.

Are all costs covered?

Funeral insurance covers all basic funeral costs. No additional costs will be charged, so your next of kin will never be confronted with additional costs.

Is comparing here safe?

It is safe to compare your funeral insurance with us. We only offer you a comparison of the different Dutch funeral insurance policies. You can take out the insurance yourself safely on the website of the insurer itself.

Compare funeral insurances

You do not only compare funeral insurance for yourself, but also for your dependents. Of course, you want to leave the people you love behind with love and care. With funeral insurance, you ensure that your next of kin do not have to worry about high funeral costs. With funeral insurance, relatives even get help with coping with the loss. In addition, relatives receive personal help in arranging a nice farewell. With funeral insurance, you can arrange that everything is properly arranged in the event of death. It is good to arrange things now for later.

Funeral insurance

Compare and take out funeral insurance

Buy funeral insurance online? Comparing funeral insurance policies gives you a good impression of the different types of funeral insurance. By comparing funeral insurance policies, you can also be sure that you will never pay too much for funeral insurance. And that pays off in the wallet. You can save a lot of premiums by comparing funeral insurance policies.

We compare funeral insurance policies based on premium. But the payment term can also be important if you prefer to pay as little premium as possible. In general, the shorter the payment term, the lower the total premium you have to pay. In this way, you pay a higher monthly premium, because you also pay a premium to the funeral insurer for a shorter period of time. Can you afford this higher premium with a short payment term? Then, we recommend that you also take into account the different payment terms that the insurers offer when comparing funeral insurance policies.

Compare funeral companies

We compare all Dutch funeral companies that are currently active in the Netherlands. This way you can compare the largest insurers in the Netherlands such as: Ardanta, DELA, Monuta and Lifetri. Every funeral insurer has its own packages and conditions. In general terms, you can take out funeral insurance in kind or capital funeral insurance. With in-kind insurance, you receive a package of products and services, often supplemented with a free amount of money. Because a sum of money is included, it may also be called a combination insurance. With a capital insurance policy, you only receive a free amount of money.

You may also see terms such as cremation insurance or funeral insurance. However, in many cases this concerns the same insurance as the funeral insurance, but with a different name. You can also see the name term life insurance. However, this is a completely different insurance policy than a funeral insurance policy.

Burial insurance

Most funeral insurance companies focus mainly on in-kind insurance. This is often supplemented with a free amount of money. As a result, it actually becomes a combination insurance policy, namely the combination of a capital and in-kind insurance. Many funeral insurers also call it a funeral insurance in services or a service package.

A combination funeral insurance takes a lot of worries off the hands of both you and your next of kin. You will receive a fixed package of services, and you can pay for any extra wishes with the extra amount of money. This is easy for yourself, but you still have the freedom to give your funeral your own twist. It is also easier for your next of kin. They have to make fewer choices. You can easily increase the amount of money that you can spend at your discretion.

Compare funeral companies with higher premium

Compare funeral companies with a higher premium? It sounds a bit strange at first, but we'll explain it to you. If you opt for a shorter payment term, you will pay a higher premium. The big advantage of this is that you pay less premium in total than if you opt for a longer payment term.

If you can afford the higher premium, it is wise to compare with a higher premium. So always look at the options to shorten the payment term. You cannot opt ​​for a shorter payment term with every funeral insurer, but a number of insurers do offer this. So take a good look at the total premium that you have lost. In general, the higher the monthly premium, the lower the total premium over the term.

Because you have paid off the funeral insurance faster and can therefore index the funeral insurance for a shorter period of time, it is wise to choose a higher insured amount than we compare with in our comparator. For example, opt for an insured amount of € 10.000 or higher.

Take out funeral insurance

When you have decided after comparing the funeral insurance policies which funeral insurance suits you best, you can take out the funeral insurance. You take out the funeral insurance with the funeral insurer itself. We will forward you to the website of the relevant funeral insurer. There you can then take out the funeral insurance within 5 minutes.

To make sure that the funeral insurance goes as smoothly as possible, it is wise to have a few things to hand:

- Your address details
- Your bank details
- A Dutch ID card

The cheapest funeral insurance

You can easily and quickly find the cheapest funeral insurance on our website. That is why it is good that you have come to our website. We compare all funeral insurance policies in the Netherlands. This way, you can easily find the cheapest funeral insurance. To make your funeral insurance even cheaper, you can insure yourself for a lower amount.

With € 7.000 you can arrange a simple cremation or burial. If you opt for cremation, you can make it more luxurious than with a funeral. This is because a burial is more expensive than a cremation. At a funeral you should take into account, for example, burial costs and a headstone.

The best funeral insurance

Of course, you want to take out the best funeral insurance. What is the best funeral insurance for your situation depends on your wishes. Every insurance policy has different conditions, and this means that the same insurance is not the best insurance for everyone. To find the best funeral insurance, it is therefore wise to compare the insurance policies.

Pay attention to the premium, premium term, but also look at the conditions of the insurance. What does the insurance include? Put this all together and weigh your position. This way you will find the best insurance for your situation.

How much does a funeral actually cost?

It is possible that you have no idea what your funeral will cost. It is then wise to first make an inventory of your wishes and make a calculation.

Assume approximately the following amounts:
- € 6000 for a sober funeral.
- € 9000 for an average funeral.
- € 12000 or higher for a luxurious above-average funeral.

Funeral insurance coverage abroad

Do you currently live in the Netherlands, but would you like to be buried or cremated abroad? Please note that additional costs may arise as a result of arrangements necessary to transport the body and have the funeral service take place in another country.

That is why it is best to increase the coverage so that these costs can be paid with your funeral insurance. For the exact costs, you can first contact the insurer of your choice.

Dutch funeral insurers are happy to assist you in organizing a funeral in another country.

More independent information

For more independent information, please see LHLIC or compare funeral insurances in our comparator.